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Waiting Lists

We currently have a waiting list for Beavers and Cubs. While we would prefer not to have a waiting list but the reality of it is that we only have enough adults to run one section for each age range. This is one of the biggest challenges to Scouting in the UK. As a group we allow parents who are prepared to make a regular commitment to the group to avoid the waiting list (as long as the section isn't already at capacity). This isn't to discriminate against busy parents but without this kind of commitment we can not run the successful sections that we do.


All youth members pay £40 per school term. This is used in the following way:

  1. The upkeep and bills associated with our HQ,
  2. Most of the weekly activities run by each section,
  3. Capitation and insurance paid to the national Scout Association,

As well as the subscriptions we ask that members invest in a uniform available from the Scout Shop.

Camps and some more expensive activities will have an associated cost but this will be made very clear before the event.